Astoria is avaliable on Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody and many more online stores. Click the store link to access the Soulful Terrain page on the above stores.

4 Stars ****

There are so many good things about this release that it gets me excited just thinking about where to start.

Derek Walker - The Phantom Tollbooth

Best Reviewed Album of the September Issue of iO Pages Magazine.

"This band managed to move me a lot with this music. Wonderful stuff!"

Paul Rijkens, Dutch progressive rockmagazine iO Pages.

"Incredible musicianship, without sounding fussy. Powerful but still somehow peaceful and very moving."

Patrick Dillett (Mariah Carey, David Byrne, Vaughn Brothers, They Might Be Giants)

Astoria is a beautiful and satisfying record that holds enough of my interest that it will be sure to get many spins on my CD player.  That’s the best recommendation I can give.  

Dave Taylor - Virtuosity,

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Soulful Terrain is pleased to release its new album entitled, Astoria. By combining elements of Progressive Rock, Jazz, Celtic & Modern music our goal was to create songs whose emotion depth would not be compromised by preconceived notions. We hope listeners will be inspired on a wide variety of spiritual and emotional levels. Stay tuned for official release events coming very very soon.


Soulful Terrain’s Astoria is the work of Jason Williams: guitar/bass/keyboards, Van Hunsberger: drums/percussion and Elic Gurganus: lead vocals. Plus significant musical contributions from David Bainbridge: guitar/keyboards and Frank Van Essen: violin, from the band Iona, as well as several other special guests.