Soulful Terrain was started by guitarist & principle writer Jason Williams. Jason's love of many styles of music prompted him to dive deep into a band that would break traditional boundaries. Combining elements of Melodic Rock, Progressive complexities, Celtic influences, Rock Instrustrumentals and other styles to expresses music's wondrous possibilities.

After their first self release, “Pictures In-Between,” ST began writing “The Days of Truth & Hope,” a mostly instrumental album that really was different than most of the instrumental releases of the time. Focusing on different genres, the album struck a chord with listeners who liked being transported musically to different times and places. Never happy to rest too long, Soulful Terrain began writing & recording their most recent album titled “Astoria”, with new drummer Van Hunsberger & lead vocalist Elic Gurganus. Astoria defined the expanding Soulful Terrain sound with Progressive World Music mixed with Instrumental Rock, Celtic Fusion and other styles to reach listeners in a deeper way. Allowing the various styles of music and their emotions to unfold the life stories that run through each one of us.

Pictures In-Between (out of print)

The Days of Truth & Hope

CPR Vol 2. (Compilation)

Songs For Luca 2 (Compilation) -

Astoria Currently distributed by Digital Nations (Steve Vai's Label)

New record currently being recorded

Jason Williams - (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Background Vocals) Born in North Carolina to musical parents, Jason started his entrance into music at the age of 14. He received his first guitar and amp that year and quickly submersed himself into music. Diving right in to learning the new found instrumental heros of the time, it opened Jason up to styles and influences that you could not find on normal radio at the time. "I was a sponge about music, I enjoyed listening to just about any style of music and tried to soak up anything I could from it, everything from rock instrumentals to 80's rock to acoustic new age." Practicing and playing from the late eighties to early nineties Jason began to tire of the typical cover band scene, so he began to start learning to record and write his own music. "I have always wanted to create music that encompassed many styles, because there is a lot of freedom in not being tied down to one or two styles. In a way, you are almost limiting your creativity by limited your musical expression. Drawing from many artist influences from Eric Johnson, Sting, Iona, Michael Hedges, King's X, Pink Floyd and more gives me a huge palette of styles and musical roads to travel down.

Jason plays Custom Carvin Bolts, Brian Moore Guitars & his beloved '57 Fender Strat reissue. Amps: Mesa Boogie Lonestar

Software: Cubase 6, Amplitube 3, Sampletank 2, UAD plug ins and more.

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Van Hunsberger - (Drums, Percussion & Background Vocals) has been playing drums & percussion since first becoming infatuated with the Monkees T.V. show in the late 60’s. Beginning formal training in the 5th grade, he has since broadened his musical background to play styles ranging from orchestral works, progressive rock and jazz-fusion to jazz and big band swing. A two time attendee of the acclaimed Interlochen music camp, Van’s musical journey’s have found him performing as a 14 yr. old guest marimba soloist of a college group touring Europe, leading the Michigan Marching Band onto the field as a member of it’s snare drum line and gigging regularly in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area as a member of several jazz and big band groups. 

With drumming influences by the likes of Neil Peart, Nick D’Virgilio, Omar Hakim, Manu Katche’, Carter Beauford and a host of great jazz players, Van’s stylistic diversity is certainly an asset to the varied style of music Soulful Terrain creates. A lifelong Christian, he currently is a member of his church’s contemporary “praise band” and works during the daylight hours as a licensed architect. Van records on his “near” vintage 1980 Rogers XP-8 maple drum kit with assorted Rogers, Tama, Ludwig & Pearl snares as well as a wide variety of Zildjian A Custom, K Custom and K Constantinople cymbals. Endorsement deals are of course always welcomed!

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Elic Gurganus - (Lead Vocals) Starting out loving music at an early age, Elic began to notice his passion for singing and the emotion brought by a deep but communicative lyric. With the influence of bands such as ''dctalk'' , ''U2'' and other musicians around him, he started to work off of this inspiration to write his own. Now years later with experience and the passion of writing, performing and reaching people with the gospel with these gifts, he looks to continue to grow and experiment. Along with becoming involved with Soulful Terrain' he is also writing & recording with his band A.Fire.This project has been a grand feat for him and he looks forward to others ''digging'' in and experiencing the passion and dept of this album.