Songs for Luca 2 (Compilation)

Soulful Terrain contributed a reworked verson of the song Lost For You for this wonderful cause for our friend Dave Bainbridge who played on Astoria.

All proceeds from this album will go towards helping Dave and Debbie's autistic son Luca overcome the challenges that autism bring to his life using the Son-Rise Programme, (Autism Treatment Centre of America). A home-based, parent-led programme in a special playroom where Luca is loved and respected in a non-judgemental environment. Where we enter his world and explore and inspire Luca to want to join us more, step by step, all at Luca's pace. The money will pay for Son-Rise's invaluable support services including phone consultations, video feedback, home outreach visits and a week long visit to the USA for the whole family to complete their intensive course.

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Lost For You Alternate Version

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Songs For Luca 2

Compilation 2 CD

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