October 14, 2011: We are about half done recording the songs for the new record. Things sounds great so far and we are excited about the new tunes. They are a little more rock oriented but still have the Soulfu Terrain sound to it.

Breaking News: We just signed a 1 year digital distribution deal with Digital Nations. This is a subsidiary of Favored Nations which Steve Vai started and is his label. Astoria will be on all major online digital sites (about 100 global). We will also have a page at the Digital Nations website. Wonderful news and we will have more stuff coming soon.

July 20, 2009: "Astoria" has finally been released. We hope all the hard work as paid off and hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making it.

April 16, 2009:

Astoria finally is almost done, it's currently being master by my friend Mick Conley in Nashille, TN. We hope to have the final copies in our hands in a few weeks. Then after that it should be avaliable for purchase and streaming from the Astoria page.

Feburary 10, 2009:

I found an old interview I did for Nucleas magazine, just wanted to share it for anyone who is interested.


Feb: 2009:

Its with great pride we annouce that the tracking of Astoria is done. We are currently mixing the tracks as we speak. I will be updating this news section very often with new, cd information, etc. We are planning on doing 2 online releases, 1: A full CD quality wav download (16bit/44.1) and a 320kps encoded mp3 (Near CD quality but a smaller file size).

October 07, 2008:

Just wanted to take a moment and post how excited we are that the record is almost done. It's been a long time coming but all things happen for a reason. This record is the most diverse project I think I have ever worked on. Songs ranging from progressive rock, celtic instruments, melodic rock and atmospheric songs are on here. The idea was to write songs that reflected the mood of the lyrics and vice-versa. While this record is not a concept album there are ideas and subjects that weave throughout. Soulful Terrain has always been about freedom and making the music of the moment for us. Astoria is a realization of a dream that started a long time ago and has changed a few times but now to me it's what it should have been all along... funny how that works doesn't it?

Until next time, Jason